Shocking Biblical Prophecy Gives Name of the Antichrist

names_of_allah“But he shall worship the god Maozim in his place: and a god whom his fathers knew not, he shall worship with gold, and silver, and precious stones, and things of great price,” (Daniel 11:38, The Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible).  The DR Bible is the first English Bible translated from the Latin Vulgate written by Jerome and is older than the King James.

The name “Maozim” is that of a heathen god, and in Hebrew it translates to “stronghold” or “fortress.” In Arabic, the Prophet Muhammad is called “Al-Mu’izz,” which also translates to “stronghold” or “fortress, and “giver of honor” .  See Attributes of Allah

Modernly, Maozim has been used by Muslim’s as a Spanish name like ” Mahoma “, instead of the nearest Arab, ” Muhammad” and some diverse local variants: ” Mahomet”, in French ; ” Maometo” in Italian, ” Mahomé” in Portuguese. According to these Muslims, those that use the expression ” Mahoma” they would be associating  this to prophet ” Muhammad.”  Nevertheless, the common opinion on the origin of the term ” Mahoma” it is that ” is a hispanisation of the colloquial Arab; Muhammad” altered by the passage of time and use. Maozim is both a literal name and as in all semitic names, also has meaning (which the other translations state) also applies: “defense,” “fortress,” “fortresses,” “helmet,” “protection,” “refuge,” “safety,” “strength,” “strong,” “stronghold,” and “strongholds”. It is one of the ninety nine official names of Allah in Islam and Maozim also has the exact meaning in the Arabic: “to be mighty, potent, strong, powerful.

Biblical scholar Kenneth J. Thomas has spent a lot of time investigating the theory that muhammad is the AntiChrist mentioned in Daniel 11:38, and he has traced the first mention of “Alla” back to Babylonian stone tablets dating from over 1,700 years before Christ. These tablets describe the pagan god Alla as the deity of “violence and revolution” who would urge other gods to overthrow their divine leader.

“Then Alla made his voice heard and spoke to the gods his brothers, ‘Come! Let us carry Elil, the counselor of gods, the warrior, from his dwelling. Now, cry battle! Let us mix fight with battle!’ The gods listened to his speech, set fire to their tools, put aside their spades for fire, their loads for the fire-god, they flared up,” the tablets read.

“Allah Maozim’ the god of fortresses or strongholds, placing here his confidence, whether in the strongholds of the Orontes, Nile, Euphrates, Tigris, or Bosphorus, — in Syria, Egypt, Macedonia, or Asia Minor, — (the parted empire of Alexander) — honoring “Allah” with “gold, silver, precious stones, and costly things, — a god unknown to his ancestors and whose religion he would propagate by the sword, procuring for his strongholds garrisons of people who acknowledged his strange god, increasing them with glory while putting to the sword all others, causing them to rule over the many, and because needing money for war, dividing the land he conquers, for the sake of gain.” This the meaning of this difficult verse. Such the three great characters of “the King”: The first was not seen in Antiochus to the extent here predicted. The second was seen, in his butchery of infants in Jerusalem, his treatment of the Maccabean mother and her sons, and his inhuman conduct everywhere. The third was seen in the confidence he placed in fortresses, and in the propagation of his religion by the sword. But yet, the full reality of all awaits the future and the final Antichrist.” (Nathaniel West, Daniel’s Great Prophecy, page 176, (1898)


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