This chapter focuses on identifying who, what, and where is Mystery Babylon. Revelation 16:14-16 illustrates that the false prophets, Antichrist, and devils are working miracles and so forth. They gather armies together to a place called Armageddon in the Hebrew tongue. Armageddon (the same thing as Harmageddon) which is a small hill with a plain attached to it and is located on the outskirts of Jerusalem in the Valley of Megiddo, which is an ancient fortress. People can sit on the top of Megiddo and easily look upon the plain.

Until I started studying the Book of Revelation, I wondered how all the armies of the world could fit onto this plane. The answer is that only about 333,000 people are left on the earth; thus, the armies are not very big. Therefore, they can and will assemble in the Valley of Jezreel (another name for Armageddon).

I recently had a conversation with a gentleman who thought that Saudi Arabia was Mystery Babylon. His belief on this matter was contrary to mine at the time. Realistically, it is common for opposing views to surface when one person thinks one thing and the other individual thinks something else. It is good to view different views, because I came to believe as he did that Mecca is Mystery Babylon.

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