ISIS is using chemical weapons

mustard gasISLAMIC State (ISIS) is making and using crude chemical weapons including MUSTARD GAS in Iraq and Syria, according to US government officials.

Weapons experts believe they have identified at least four occasions on both sides of the Iraq-Syria border where ISIS has used mustard agents, an official said.

The US believes the terror group has a base dedicated to manufacturing these weapons.

The US official said: “They’re using mustard. We know they are.”

Mustard gas is a chemical weapon which was first used during the First World War and was reported to have left victims disfigured, or slowly dying over up to four weeks.

It can be deployed through artillery shells, aerial bombs, mortars, rockets and from spraying from planes.

The US official said the sulphur mustard was probably being used in powder form and packed into traditional explosives like mortar rounds.

He added: “We’ve seen them use it on at least four separate occasions on both sides of the border – both Iraq and Syria.”
The official said knowledge of how to make sulphur mustard is widely available, and that it not a complex chemical to produce.

The effects of the chemical include mustard-laced dust blisters on the skin, although usually not fatal, there is no treatment or antidote.

The United Nations (UN) banned its use – along with a number of other chemical weapons – in 1993 under a specific Chemical Weapons Convention.

The latest revelation in the evil ISIS regime came after jihadis launched a horrific chemical attack on Kurdish forces using poisonous gas inside dozens of mortar boards in northern Iraq.

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