• ck quartermanI was born in a small, insignificant town in the southern part of the US, so far south that they had to pipe in the sunshine! I was born in the month of April into a family of twelve in South Georgia on an island called Cumberland. April, in the south, warms as it recovers from mild winters and takes on a new life as azaleas bloom, porpoises frolic, and wild horses give birth to new colts. Cumberland is a wonderful place with its tidal pools, abundant wildlife, untouched sand dunes, deep forests, and history. (Heck, around the turn of the century, we even had a bear!). I will not mention the alligators, other than to say we had our share of them, but they are about as worthless as the sharks, of which Christmas Creek has an ample supply. My siblings and I explored the beaches and the forests on a daily basis.

    Each of us learned to swim at the ripe young age of five by being thrown off the dock with a rope tied around the waist. Our father thought it was of the utmost importance that we learn to swim. I guess he was right, seeing that we lived on an island! Perhaps the training method was a little harsh (I would not recommend it), but it was effective.

    Somewhere around the time I had reached eight or so years of age, I experienced my first vision. One evening, as I returned to my bedroom, a wall disappeared. Where the wall had been was a man sitting upon a stage. He sat in a chair at the edge of the stage, putting his hands upon the heads of those passing by beneath him. As I watched these people walk beneath him, he laid his hands upon them. I realized that the man was me, just older! It was obvious that I was in some kind of ministry. I thought all of this very unusual, because I had never seen anything like it. All I knew about ministry at this time was what I learned in the Methodist church. You can rest assured nothing like this was going on in the Methodist church in the 1960s!

    I was, by definition, a tenacious child, but about what, I did not know. In the early 1970s, upon turning twelve, I took my first steps into business ownership; I built a shop in my parents’ backyard and began repairing lawnmowers. It was a great income for a teenager, perhaps too good.
    As with most coming-of-age young people, sin lurked at my doorstep, and by 1977, I was an aspiring teenage alcoholic, complete with blackouts. Even at this tender age, the world had shown its web of deceit, lies, and drama.

    I will always be indebted to a caring science teacher, whose name has been lost to time, for his introducing me to the living Christ. As most of us have heard of Christ, I had heard, having grown up, as I mentioned, in church. However, this humble man was the first person I had met who really seemed to have a relationship with this Jesus, the God-man. I am sure there must have been other people like him with whom I had contact, but none that I knew seemed to have the kind of feelings exemplifying a real relationship with Jesus. I began to talk with him between classes. On one particular day, I meditated on a text of Scripture in Ecclesiastes.

    Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity (Ecclesiastes 1:2).

    I was moved by a war of sorts that seemed to be going on within me; it was as if evil was determined to drag my soul along with it. Evil was literally vying within me for my soul and it had the opposite effect. You could say that it scared the hell out of me. I returned the next day to talk again with my teacher. I eagerly waited for the class to end, knowing I then would have time to speak about the struggle I had felt the night before in my soul. When the moment arrived, I dashed from my desk to where he stood.

    I began to relate the struggle I had felt, and he asked me if I would pray and receive Christ. I wanted to, but could not speak. I had become dumb; I was not able to open my mouth to speak in any manner! Seeming to understand this strange occurrence, he pointed directly at me and spoke commandingly to a devil, one that I could not see. He told the devil to go, in the name of Jesus! Immediately, I cried at the top of my voice, “JESUS!”

    I knew not what to say, only crying out to Jesus, the one I knew who, alone, could rescue me from the war that had only moments ago rendered me unable to speak. As I heard myself cry out, I became aware of the darkness within my soul. It was as if I was looking inside of myself as some kind of spectator.

    As I surveyed the vastness of this darkness, I became cognizant of the fact that in the middle of this vast darkness, there was a pinpoint of light beginning to expand. This happened at an ever-increasing velocity until it appeared as a supernova and burst forth out of every part of my being, leaving my extremities at what seemed to me, to be the speed of light. I staggered a few feet and recovered my composure; I was stunned.

    I certainly had no point of reference for what I had just experienced. The years to come would, of course, show the vast changes that had occurred. I no longer was an alcoholic or an addict of any kind from that moment forward. I later learned that the old man had died and the new man had been born. I had been born again and would never be the same. Now, nearly four decades later, I can say it was the defining moment of my life.If you have enjoyed this book, or it has had an impact on your life, we would like to hear from you.
    Dr. CK Quarterman is available to speak at your function, church group, or meeting on any Bible subject. If you would like him to join your discussion by phone, please include that in your request. He would be more than happy to join you for an hour by conference line. Appointments are set on a first-come basis, and depend on availability. Dr. CK Quarterman attended Gloryland Bible College and earned a BTh, MTh. and holds a Doctor of Divinity degree. He founded “End Times Ministries” and is a frequent speaker on Christian and secular radio shows across America. Bible Colleges are using his books in their curriculum. Mr. Quarterman has a strong Internet presence which opens many speaking opportunity’s including Bible Colleges.
    Our mission is to alert and awaken the world that is hoping for a better tomorrow. The end is near, America is failing, and the footfall of the Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen is on the doorstep. Our objective is to embolden those who are in need of more than the Sunday sermon, remove the roadblocks so they can advance as well as embrace the truth of the hour in which we live, and prepare everyone for Christ’s imminent return.
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